About Us

The ‘Orde van de Hagelanders’ is a group of people from different ages from all walks of life! They all share one common interest: the Middle Ages.
The aim of the group is in the first place to have fun, and to stimulate self-development according to Mediaeval standards. Some op our members are particularly interested in the secrets of mediaeval cooking, while others investigate military tactics and weaponry. Heraldry and traditional fashion are also looked at in detail, to enable the realistic reconstruction of our clothing. Carpentry and the working with wood, leather and metal get our attention. We try not to overlook a single detail…

In second place is the conveyance of this historical knowledge to the wider public in order to, in a historically correct and educational way, bring history to life. The ‘Orde van de Hagelanders’npo. wants to act like a living museum, a window on a fascinating period in our history.
In this historical framework the ‘Hagelanders’ form a society of ‘condottieres’ or ‘free comrades’. In Mediaeval context these are professional soldiers, adventurers and mercenaries, who, without political agenda, fight the cause for whoever was prepared to pay the highest amount for their services. The martial aspect is the core of our society. That way we can adapt to different times in history, ranging from 1100 to 1500, knowing that the Normandic-English rulers hired Flemish and Brabant mercenaries in the 12th century. Nowadays our weaponry is mainly situated in 15th century Burgundy.
In these late Middle Ages, we, as mercenaries, (originally ordinary citizens and people from guilds) are specialized archers, crossbow archers, pikemen and halberdiers, among other things. Mercenary fellowships like the ‘Hagelanders’ gained importance in the wars in the 15th century, when they rob the knight hood of their monopoly in military warfare.