You can appeal to de 'Orde van de Hagelanders npo.’ for some added entertainment at your historical event, for example;

- Historical parades (no carnival!)
- Mediaeval spectacle (ground fights)
- Mediaeval dancing
- Mediaeval singing and dancing
- Mediaeval longbow
- Mediaeval banquets and weddings
- Battles


In consultation with several educative establishments, the Orde van de Hagelanders npo. is able to provide educative lessons since 2000. These lessons are aimed at the primary schools and last two hours. They can be adapted in time and theme, according to your wishes. It is our aim to stimulate the youngster’s interest in history with these thematic lessons. Furthermore we aim to liven up the somewhat boring subject matter and make it more digestible. Our talks are aimed at the interaction with the children. There is always enough time for the children to touch and or try on some of our didactic material. We give them an unforgettable experience.

Our talks contain, among other things:

- A display of Mediaeval weaponry, arms and equipment

- An explanation about fortresses and castles

- An explanation about clothing, eating habits, etc.

- An explanation about the transition ‘from squire to knight’

- An explanation about ‘trial by ordeal, tribunals and witchery’

- An explanation about the inquisition and mediaeval torture methods.

- An explanation about present-day sayings with a mediaeval background

- Also possible …

o knights fighting

o falconry

o for the very young: arts and crafts with a mediaeval theme

We always adapt the subject matter to the period in time you wish to have us discuss (1100 – 1600) and the theme and length of the lesson.